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Central Library:

The college library is enriched with nearly ten thousand volumes of texts and reference books of eminent authors. The reference books of various kinds have definitely improved the quality of the library. National and regional newspapers, journals & periodicals are available for the use of the students along with a spacious reading room. there is perhaps no limit to the standard of a well-managed library and hence we are still trying to improve and modernize the library. Books are issued to the students having library card from 10 AM to 2 PM. A student can borrow two books at a time, for a fixed period of 15 days. After that the same books may be reissued. The college has reading room facilities for students and to guide them there is a qualified librarian and a bearer. In case of any damage or loss of books the student is bound to purchase one to return it to the libray.

There is also a Book Bank specially for the poor students in order to provide text books for the entire session. On receiving application a panel of selectors will consider the eligibility criteria and then finalise the list of beneficiaries.

Major students will also be benefited from the departmental libraries, which have oflate been planned to contain all reference materials along with up-to-date journals.

Central Library

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