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The department of Commerce at Dr. Birinchi kumar Barooah College, Puranigudam Nagaon was set-up in 2017 and currently running B.COM Course (Honours) and HS from 2021. The introduction of commerce under Guwahati University had created a new chapter in the growth and development of society in Assam. It will complete “Four years” in 2022. The department offers three years course having compulsory components of paper writing. The department has offered a unique environment to study commerce, and either on its own combination with other discipline.The department of commerce follows the syllabus designed and periodically redesigned by the affiliating university for degree course. There is practically no direct involvement in designing of the curriculum.The department also takes active part in all extension and community development programmes.All the students enrolled in the department belonged to rural and urban background and most of them come from the low income group of the society. The students are proficient in Assamese, the regional language and have workable knowledge of English and Hindi.They are found interested in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as music, games and sports, theatrical performance etc. The students are enrolled in the courses on the basis of merit.The faculty members follow the lecture method in the classroom with some innovative approaches and audio-visual aids. Group discussion, home assignment, seminar etc. are occasionally organized to do away with the monotony of lecture delivery.

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