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Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barooah College was established on the 31st July of 1967, and the same day that marked the beginning of the Department of Economics. At the outset, classes were held at Puranigudam Bapujee Hall and Library and were conducted by only one part-time lecturer, named Surendranath Kalita, the then, subject teacher of Economics of Puranigudam Radhakanta Barooah Higher Secondary School, who bore the responsibility of the department solely. The Department has been offering Pre University (i.e., Higher Secondary) courses in economics since inception and later under graduate courses were introduced. The department has been offering Major courses in Economics since 1982. Many intellectual lecturers have enlightened the department not only with their knowledge but also has put forwarded their unconditional help and support for the betterment of the department. Most of the faculties have even delivered their services for enriching the department at either a very low remuneration or no remuneration at all, for which the department of economics shall forever remain indebted to them. The Department of Economics has a personal Departmental Library consisting of a wide variety of books covering both Higher Secondary and Undergraduate courses which has been of great help to the students from time to time. The Departmental library is now being upgraded to a Departmental Book Bank which runs with voluntary donations or books contributed by eminent people not only from Assam but from across the globe. So far, a large number of students have successfully completed their undergraduate course from the Department. Some of these students have also gone for their post-graduation studies and most others are engaged in various jobs. The Department of Economics has always been playing a major role in the intellectual and academic upliftment of the college. In the year 2002-03, the department of Economics have published a magazine named ‘Gyanam’. Meanwhile, the Department has been presenting a wall magazine named ‘Arthajeuti’ each year since 2017 to express the creativity of the students, initiate writing tendency in students and to develop literary taste among the students. The department has adopted different initiatives to offer practical understanding of theoretical concepts among the students in different times. One of such initiative is it has organized a State Level workshop on “Project Report Preparation” in association with Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee from 27th February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017 on the occasion of Golden Jubilee celebration year. At present, the department is also providing a certificate course on “Project Report Preparation and Statistical Data Analysis” since 2020 to provide practical knowledge on the theoretical concepts of economics. With an objective to understand the socio-economic condition of the rural people of Puranigudam and also to make the students of the department aware of the practical aspect of socio-economic surveys, the department has conducted socio-economic surveys in different academic years, like in 2004-2005, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. The department also organizes field trips in different years to the places of economic importance and different industries and students submit their field trip reports after visiting the places/industries. Recently field trips are organized by the department to Numaligarh Refinery, Golaghat in the year 2017 and ESES Bio Wealth Pvt Ltd (Babboo Factory), Jagiroad and Ranthali, Nagaon (Traditional Ornament making Industry) in 2019. With the help of the UGC aided grants, Department of Economics has successfully organised three national level Seminars, two on ‘Human Rights’ (in 2011 and 2012) and one on ‘Regional Development and Planning in North-East Region of India’ (in 2018). On the occasion of celebration of the Golden Jubilee Year of the college, Economics department has initiated the process of launching an annual peer reviewed research journal entitled as “Regional Journal of Economic Issues, Dr. B.K.B. College” in 2017 to provide a platform to the researchers for publishing their original research works dealing with different issues pertinent to economics and published its first issue (Editor: Abinash Bharali) in 2018. Its RNI: ASSENG/2017/74431 and ISSN: 2581-4850. The second issue of the journal is published in 2021 and editors of the 2nd issue are Abinash Bharali and Bhargab Das. The Department of Economics has also organised UGC sponsored a 3-days national workshop on ‘Environmental Resource Management and Sustainable Development’ from 07/09/15 to 09/09/15. Thus, the Department of Economics has always played an important role in the development of Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barooah College, Puranigudam.

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