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ESTABLISHED: 1967 Dr B.K.B. College established in 1967 has gradually emerged to be a premier institution of higher education with a difference. The college is named after Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barooah - a dedicated teacher, folklorist, research scholar and a renowned litterateur of Assam who was born in the famous Kharangi Barooah family of Puranigudam. The Department of Education, Dr. B.K.B College was set up at the time of the establishment of the college in 1967. The Department initially started classes under the guidance of Ms. Lakhimi Kalita, Ms. Rupa Saikia, and Shri Prabhat Borah. The Department geared up the academic scenario under headship of Ms. Kabita Bora since 1973. From then onward various personalities like Rupjyoti Mahanta, Ms. Mamoni Saikia and Ms. Anjana Goswami enriched the Department. The present faculty comprises of Ms. Biju Borah, Dr Ghanashyam Taid, Dr Jahangir Hussain Alom and Dr Ranjeeta Kakoti. Since its inception, the vision of the Department has been to nurture an academic and intellectually stimulating space that continually responds to changing socio-economic realities through the development and application of knowledge. The Department always made a humble effort to provide a strong foundation in education theory and practicum analysis through its undergraduate course. The Department of Education was started its B.A in Education only in Pass Course initially. From 1988 the Department has introduced Major classes in undergraduate course along with the general course. At present, the Department has sixty (60) intake capacities in Honours course which is selected on merit basis. At present the Department, have more than 400 students (Honours and Regular courses) and classes are conducted in macro-teaching classroom environment. Today, the Department is considered best one amongst the all department because of its high enrolment ratio and final result. VISION OF THE DEPARTMENT a. To create a democratic and joyful learning environment targeting students from all walks of life. b. To motivate students come from rural background to achieve their required life skills. c. To help and encourage students to constitute a competitive mindset in curricular and beyond curricular activities. Beside of the College Central Library, the Department of Education maintained a departmental library with good numbers of books. The Departmental Library aims to provide an environment for discovery, reflection, and expansion of knowledge to the students of Education. As per record the department is preserved at least 400 books from course and general area. The departmental library issue books only to the UG (Honours) students of the department under certain rules and procedures during College hours.

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