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The Department of English, Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam has completed its 54 years of existence since 1967. It has been entrusted with the task of promoting English teaching at under-graduate level as per guidelines from the Parent University and innovative practices developed at our own strength. It has also been imparting instructions at HS level following the syllabus of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Several successful graduates of our department have completed their post-graduate course in English Literature and Language and have been serving at various colleges. Some others have got employment in various places and also as English teachers in schools. Dr. B.K.B. College, being affiliated to Gauhati University has no role to play in framing the course of study or syllabi. But the feedback collected from the students on the course content and its outcome is communicated to the Parent University for Consideration. Besides, our faculties while attending faculty development courses also deliberate on certain issues related to the curricular aspects. Though the faculties are not directly involved in framing the curriculum, yet we try to modify and diversify the curriculum by introducing subsidiary courses on Spoken English, arranging Popular Talk, Workshops etc. with a view to giving our students wider exposure and creating a dynamic teaching-learning environment through a curriculum-extension interface. The launch of CBCS Course from the session 2019-2020 in Under-graduate level has offered students extensive scopes to select their subject combinations as expected by them. Though initially there were too much confusion regarding this course, but right now it’s running well and students have practically involved in this course to fix their upcoming course of education. The Department of English is equipped with selected learning resources and expertise. Though not quite rich in collection of books, the department has a library with around five hundred books. A few steel almirahs have been used as book-shelves, a few sets of furniture, a rare collection of some audio CDs of Cambridge University, some cassettes of language teaching and skill development, video CDs on classic film and theatre, a laptop for departmental documentation, preparation of study material and power point presentation are widely used.

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