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82021Mr. Soumyadeep DattaAfter choosing persons from the field of literature, culture and history the selection committee shifted its focus to issues related to environment and biodiversity conservation. Mr. Soumyadeep Datta is the recipient of the college award in the year 2021 in honour of his huge contribution in this area particularly habitat conservation for some of the rare endangered species like Golden Langur and his substantial nature writings. . He has written more than fifty books on wildlife conservation, travel, tribal life and culture, Buddhist culture and religion.View File
72018Mr. Sushil BoraMr. Sushil Bora was the 3rd recipient of the Dr. B. K. Barua College award in 2018 which was presented to him in a function by Mr. Mayur Bora, a noted public intellectual and author. Mr. Bora’s domain is the practice of regional history where he had been engaged for long time and substantially contributed to finding out the local resonance and hidden dimensions of history. Some of his major works of Mr. Das include Swadhinata Sangramot Brihattar Hatichung, Sonai Parar Sabhuota, Kalongar Pare pare.View File
62017Mr. Murulidhar DasDr. B. K. Barua College award was offered to Mr. Murulidhar Das for the second time in recognition and honour of his commitment and dedication to the primary field of folk life and culture. Mr Ajit Bhuyan, the renowned journalist and social activist presented the award to him. An agriculturist turned folklorist with no formal academic degree Mr. Das’s passion for folk life and agricultural occupation helped him to focus on the cultural and literary practices of the Karbi and Tiwa communities of Assam.View File
52016Chao Lokeswar GogoiDr. Birinchi Kumar Barua College award was offered for the first time to Chao Lokeswar Gogoi, a renowned folklorist of Assam. Mr. Gogoi has dedicated almost his entire life time and energy to the collection, documentation, analysis of materials collected from diverse ethnic communities. He believes that without participation in the community life and visiting the fields no work on folklore can be authentically carried out. Mr. Gogoi to his credit has authored several volumes of the folk culture of Assam, all being based on his first hand data collected from the field.View File

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