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Mission and Vision of Dr. B.K.B. College

Vision of Dr. B.K.B. College:

To impart higher education in UG level to the cross section of learners (basically belonging to the socio-economically backward communities) at an affordable cost through a syllabus designed by the parent university and a curriculum-extension interface at our own initiative.

Mission of Dr. B.K.B. College:

1. To generate knowledge and develop cognitive abilities through well planned curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, innovations in teaching learning environment and evaluation procedure.
2. To inculcate values and preserve socio-cultural identities, ensure equal development and to foster a sense of belongingness to the Nation.
3. To create the academic environment for promotion of scholastic and non-scholastic activities.
4. To promote the values of self-sustenance and self-reliance by introducing career-oriented programmes, vocational and cultural workshops, seminars etc. aiming at minimizing the burden of bookish knowledge.
5. To realise social needs and arouse awareness among the students regarding emerging new realities, environmental and other challenges

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